Assorted Pictures from a Miata Top Replacement

Here are a few pictures from the replacement of my top. Feel free to copy and use as needed.

The top that was removed
Here is a picture of the top I removed.

Tool for removing fasteners
This tool is real handy for removing the carpet fasteners.

This ziptie needs to be removed to disconnect the defroster
This ziptie has to be removed to disconnect the defroster.

More pictures that may be useful to someone

Cable riveted to the frame
This is how the cable is riveted to the frame

More (hopefully) helpful pictures

The finished product
The finished product
The installed top

After a year and a half of dropping the top at every opportunity, it has started to wear:
Wear is starting to show along the bows, and two worn spots are visible above the passenger windowA close up shows that the worn spots more clearly

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